Technical Support

  • Parts sale
  • Help desk and consulting during purchase process
  • Follow-up and after-sales support

Aircraft Sales

  • Support and consulting during the purchase process (research, recommendations, regulations)
  • Pre buy inspection
  • Follow-up and after-sales support
  • Ensure availability of flying and non flying airman
  • Aircraft pilot training

How do we proceed?

When it’s time for a complete overhaul, we proceed with a detailed inspection of these units (engine, propellers, gears). The overhaul of all these elements brings your aircraft back with more value. When we receive the engine in our workshop, it is dismantled and inspected. Then, the parts are subjected to meticulous checkups and, at the end, a diagnosis is pronounced. After receiving the replacement parts, the engine is reassembled. The last step of the overhaul is the bench test. All works certified and guarantied.

General Overhaul

When aircraft components reach the end of their potential life limited items, they need a general overhaul in order to continue to fly safely and with conformity. The general overhaul brings your aircraft back in service.

We guarantee

With Aviation Zenith, damaged parts are automatically replaced by OEM or PMA parts. All certification documents are available and saved on file. Aviation Zenith proceeds with major overhaul within a very short period of time.

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